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Parent Involvement Policy

Parental Involvement Plan and Policy 
The Key to Success at Hope Elementary Charter School 

The No Child Left Behind Act contains many requirements related to parent involvement and notification.  A substantive number of these requirements can be found in the Title I school Parental Involvement Plan and Policies. Each school is required to develop a written Parental Involvement Plan and Policy.  This policy must be developed jointly with, agreed on with, and distributed to parents.  The Hope Elementary 2014-2015 Parent Advocacy Committee developed and reviewed the following linked policy and has agreed on the communication.  The policy will describe how the school will carry out the requirements of: 

  • Policy Involvement
  • Shared Responsibilities for High Student Growth
  • Building Capacity for Involvement
  • Accessibility

Please make sure that you review the Parental Involvement Policy as well as the Student-Parent-Teacher-Administrator Compact Agreement.  A signed Student-Parent-Teacher Administrator Compact Agreement copy should be sent back to the school to your child's teacher.  Thank you for your involvement and support in your child's school and academic success!

Click the links below to view the document: 

Parental Involvement Plan & Policy
Student-Parent-Teacher-Administrator Compact Agreement 
Parental Involvement Guide

2014-2015 Parent Advocacy Committee Members

Tiffany Taylor, 2nd grade parent
Chandra Graves, 3rd grade parent 
Charlotte Oakley, 4th grade parent