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A Hope Leader in Action!

Skyler took the initiative this morning during early morning care to create a list of rules with the students for using the Media Center in the mornings. She then had all students focus on the new rules that they made together! What an outstanding job done by our Hope Leader!

Hallway Huddle

All of our students kicked off their week with their hallway huddle. Hallway huddle is a time when all students come into the hallway and join with their team to discuss the Leadership initiatives and quote for the week.  This week's focus habit is Begin with the End in Mind. Students discussed the quote "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing" by Stephen Covey and how this relates to their personal goals!

Personal Mission Statements

Today all students created a personal mission statement! Each class watched a video about what you would like to be said about you at your 80th birthday. They then reflected on their own values, likes, and goals to create a mission statement.
Check out Ms. Carter's 1st grade discussing their personal values!



Accepting Applications for the 2015-2016 Student Lighthouse Team

The Student Lighthouse Team encourages student leadership to enhance our Leader In Me Program being implemented at Hope Charter Leadership Academy.  We are looking for students with exceptional leadership skills to participate on our 2nd Student Lighthouse team, which emphasizes the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  

In order to be considered for the team, students should submit applications that answers specific questions and allows students the opportunity to provide statements as to why they would be the best candidates for the leadership roles.  These selected student leaders will help organize school functions and have input on important school-related issues. 

The Hope Charter Leadership Academy Student Lighthouse Team members must consistently demonstrate the following leadership characteristics and requirements:

  • Dependability, reliability, and respect
  • Completes classwork and homework assignments
  • Above average conduct and citizenship in and outside of school
  • Good judgment and decision making skills
  • Knowledge of the 7 Habits and able to share with other students and community members.

Applications are available in the front hall by Ms. Fleming's office. 

Leadership Role Excellence!

Every student at Hope has taken on a Leadership Role of their choice within the school. It is their responsibility to carry our their role. Saniya is a Janitorial Leader and takes pride in keeping the hallway clean of book bags and coats. Awesome job Saniya, the 2/3 hallway always looks great!!