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Hope's First LEAP Program Graduates

Students who participate in the Y Learning Program at Hope Elementary were provided the opportunity to participate in the LEAP program facilitated by Ms. Karen Sansom-Goodman, Substance Abuse Prevention Health Educator.  

LEAP stands for Lead Empower Achieve with Poe.  The LEAP program seeks to recognize, strengthen and support youth leaders, and to highlight the importance of leadership in Wake County youth.  Additional goals include increasing leadership and teamwork skills, positive communication skills and healthy decision making skills. 

For more information regarding the LEAP program, please see: 
Poe Center LEAP Programs

Congratulations Girls! 

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Classroom Mission Statements

In addition to having a school Mission Statement, each classroom created a Classroom Mission Statement that was aligned to the school's vision.  The goal for every classroom was to help each classroom identity their individual role and responsibilities and to provide a sense of direction and purpose of their day.  We know that the new Classroom Mission Statements will challenge and inspire each classroom to work as a team toward the greater good.  As the Principal, I thought it was important that I created a mission statement for my office as well.  My mission statement reads: 

"As Hope's Principal my mission is to support my school's strengths by recognizing the importance of synergizing among school community leaders and not relying on the expertise of one individual."


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Test Taking Strategies...Consistency is the Key!

In order to provide consistent instruction on test strategies across our grade levels and classes, the School Improvement Team agreed to utilize the "UNWRAP" strategies for reading tests and "RULES" strategy for math.  These strategies represent acronyms to help students remember the steps to follow when testing. 

Each of these strategies encourages students to take their time, attend to all the crucial details and prove or check that they have selected the best answer.  These strategies will be provided to teachers to use in class, make anchor charts, and send home with students.  The strategies will be provided to all classes, K-5, so teachers can help all students learn procedures and vocabulary important to good testing practices.  

U - Underline the title and turn it into a question 

N - Number the paragraphs

W - Walk through the questions and answer choices

R - Read the passage as many times as necessary (2, maybe 3 times)

A - Answer the questions

P - Prove your answers


R - Read the math story or problem

U - Underline the units and questions

L - Locate key numbers and math action words

E - Evaluate and plan your strategy

S - Solve and check

We welcome you to partner with us at home while assisting your children with their homework and projects! 

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