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2nd Cohort of LEAP Participants

Meet our 2nd Cohort of LEAP Graduates! 

Students who participate in the Y Learning Program at Hope Elementary were provided the opportunity to participate in the LEAP program facilitated by Ms. Karen Sansom-Goodman, Substance Abuse Prevention Health Educator.  

LEAP stands for Lead Empower Achieve with Poe.  The LEAP program seeks to recognize, strengthen and support youth leaders, and to highlight the importance of leadership in Wake County youth.  Additional goals include increasing leadership and teamwork skills, positive communication skills and healthy decision making skills. 


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Make-Up Day Updates

The make-up day originally scheduled for this Saturday, Feb. 28 has been canceled.  Due to the excessive days missed due to the past two weeks of inclement weather a revised make-up day calendar will be determined once it is safe for students to return to school.  Tuesday's (2/24) school closing will not require a make-up day because the bus was en route when the cancellation was called. We have 31 hours over the state’s required minimum number of instructional hours in our 2014-2015 calendar.  Please note that this will be considered along with the instructional time required to provide effective instruction for end of year assessments when devising a makeup schedule.  

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Smartboards, Smartboards, and more Smartboards!

Hope Charter Leadership Academy received a fabulous grant to enhance our technology.  Each classroom received new 65" Flat Screen SmartBoards to enhance our student's learning experiences.  Our student leaders are absolutely loving our brand new SmartBoards!  Each classroom is engaged while completing unique lessons utilizing their new boards. Great job to our teachers who are increasing student engagement during lessons through this technology! 





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