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Open Enrollment has started for the 2016-2017 school year.  If you are interested in attending HCLA please submit your enrollment request.  ENROLL ONLINE!   Admission to HCLA is open to any student who wishes to attend our school.  Families are not required to live in a particular area or district within the state. 



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Our uniform policy consists of: white, light blue, or navy blue collared polo shirts, and navy or khaki colored khaki style pants.  All shoes should be neutral in color with no excessive sparkles or bright colors. Shirts should always be tucked in and only brown or black belts are allowed.  Girls have the option to wear white, cream, or navy tights with skirts/skorts.  We want our student leaders to be neat and tidy in appearance at all times.  Uniforms can be found at Old Navy, Target, and other department stores. 

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Hope Elementary Programs

At Hope Elementary Charter School, students learn a core knowledge base and develop essential life skills.  We strive to make sure students become proficient in traditional subject areas such as language arts, math, social studies and science.  We encourage students to learn how to ask questions, think critically, and reflect upon learning.  

Our extra curricular focus of our school includes technology, music, physical education, and art education.  We also have Motheread/Fatheread and the Y Learning Tutorial Program that is offered to our parents and students. 

The social curriculum is a major focus of our school.  This is our staring point each day as our students recite the Hope Creed prior to beginning their instructional day.  To live in community means that one needs to become skillful in knowing how to work and play with each other.  The language of negotiation and problem solving, of affirming and confronting, of apology and forgiveness, of expressing thanks and acknowledging need are all part of the life of the community.  A value for and a contribution by each member is essential for the community to thrive.  These skill not only for school, but for life as children belong to different communities as they grow. 

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